Teeth Whitening

A happy, smiling face represents your charming personality and takes all the attention. To make your smile prettier, focusing on your teeth is important for giving a complete look. Teeth whitening is the dental practice of whitening the teeth in which it removes discolouration and stains, which can be natural or because of oral hygiene. Chewing tobacco, smoking, and caffeine (tea and coffee) are the most common reasons for discolouration of teeth. Dazzling white teeth not only make you look younger, but it enhances your overall personality therefore, it is becoming a widely appraised cosmetic treatment in India.

Types of Professional teeth whitening

Non-vital whitening

It is done for the ones who previously had a root canal treatment. A bleaching agent placed inside teeth until they achieve the expected colour. After completion, we will remove it and seal the tooth with the help of a white composite filling.

Vital whitening

If you seek for healthy and natural tooth then this is the treatment you need for yourself. This treatment is used in brightening your teeth by using a Bleaching solution onto the tooth which is done to enhance your looks and make your smile more confident.

Teeth whitening at home

In this practice, we take impressions of upper and lower teeth to design mouthpieces and it fills them with whitening gel which you can wear for several hours in a day. The whitening gel acts like a strip to your mouth and remains in touch with your teeth.

In-office Whitening

We utilise Laser technology for bleaching the teeth, which takes 30 to 90 minutes for the ones who want fast treatment. We do the application of the whitening agent by using the latest laser or light activator on the teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening Cost

Dr. Ankur Kanodia is a vigorous advocate of using highly specialised technology and equipment for producing the best results for our customers with an affordable price tag. Our prices are competitive and easy to go for everyone. Our teeth whitening cost in Jaipur is much less than metropolitan cities but par in terms of services.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

The process of whitening your teeth begins with cleaning them by putting on a rubber shield for protection. Depending upon the level of discolouration and stains, we apply the hydrogen peroxide whitening agent to give you the best results. We may advise for 2-3 visits if you have severe stains or according to the level of teeth whitening, you are expecting from our side.

Dr. Ankur Kanodia can make you shine bright every day with pearly white teeth that steal the attention from every corner. Our dentist will provide you results are as per your expectation in cost-effective prices for providing you with the best solutions.