What is RCT or Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment is done by a dental specialist to get patients rid of dental cavities, tooth decay, and cracked teeth. In this new world where the dental practices are done with the latest pieces of equipment and doctors, it is not a painful experience anymore which is used to be in earlier days. We, at Dr. Ankur Kanodia, believe in using modern technology combined with sheer perfection of our root canal dentists to do the painless treatment at our dental clinic. Through the help of this treatment; we can prevent the natural teeth from dental extractions, dental implants, or bridges. In this kind of dental practise, we focus on removing the infected pulp in the tooth, which is the prime cause of pain for the patient. We further apply a solution and inserting filling to eliminate pain and restore the functionality to normal.

Root Canal Treatment Cost in Jaipur

We have always given our prime focus on treating our patients in the best way and charging affordable rates as we want to establish long-term relations with our patients. In Metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai, the cost of root canal treatment is on a higher side. Our people first principle has allowed us to charge cost effective amount as our rct cost in Jaipur is comparatively economical and at par with treatments done in big cities. Performed by the team of specialists through the help of high technologies & expertise, we charge affordable rates from our patients and have successfully conducted root canal treatments to over xxxx patients in past xx years.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure
  • We will first perform the X-ray to analyse the cause of pain and to what extent it is affecting the patient. The next step is to injecting anaesthesia which doesn’t let patient feel any pain during treatment.
  • Removal of decay and preparation of the cavity to enter the inner pulp. We then remove the infected and inflamed pulp followed by cleaning of canals to fill the material.
  • The third step is sealing the canal with a rubber-based material. To get them permanently sealed requires a gap of 4-5 days. When they are ready to be sealed, we place rubber based cones into canals followed by sealing.
  • The fourth and the last step is the placing of the tooth crown to strengthen the tooth.

The Recovery period for a patient after root canal procedure time is mainly based on the level of infection. Our dental experts do prescribe pain killers to eliminate pain and infection. Mostly it takes around 7-10 days after a root canal treatment for achieving full recovery.