What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant or commonly said, teeth implant is one of the replacement option prescribed by the dentist expert apart from dental bridges and dentures. It is a surgical fix which is placed into the jawbone. We can use it as a replacement for the root of a missing tooth which functions like teeth and provides an aesthetic appeal.

Types of Dental Implants

  • Endosteal implants — A most popular practise which implants directly into the jawbone. There is a requirement for a second surgery to connect the original implant. At last, we attach the teeth to the patients.
  • Subperiosteal implants — This practice is not commonly used as endosteal implants are highly successful. In this practice, it fits A metal frame onto the jawbone and as the gums heal; the frame becomes fixed to the jawbone.
Dental implants cost

The cost of dental implants will varies according to the brand you prefer for yourself among the options we provide to you. We are the best reputation holders for economical implant cost in jaipur as we believe in having a long-time relationship with our patients rather than solely focusing on monetary objectives. We use elite quality dental products and equipment for treating our patients, which gives them a brilliant experience every time they pay a visit to our clinic.

What is the Dental implants procedure?

Preparation of Jaw Bone- Our dental experts make a cut for drilling holes, which is as per the implant. To make sure complete healing is done, we wait for jawbones to recover to place metal post. To fill the gap, we place a temporary crown, which we gently remove at the time of the implant procedure. It takes 3-6 months for preparation; you are ready for a second surgery, but we consider taking an x-ray for proper confirmation. We design permanent crowns are exactly like your natural teeth by considering aspects like A Surface texture, colour and anatomy. We believe in satisfying our customers with our services as per their expectations, therefore, if you are not fully content with the services, you can get back to us for some changes.

If you are not happy with the crown for any reason, consult your dentist so it can be sent back to the dental technician for necessary changes. To give a realistic experience, we take the impressions of your mouth and teeth so you feel confident with your fresh look.

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